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Sky Luke is a Midwest comedian that is open minded and self deprecating, who lives on the life philosophy of he might be completely 100% right, but probably isn’t. Unbelievable stories from his life, and philosophical twists all wound into comedic jokes creating laughter, disbelief, and most importantly, smiles.
He has lived and traveled all over the country, having driven on more roads and seen more cows than one person should ever see in their lifetime. Wherever you're from, Sky has probably been there, if only for some gas and terrible gas station food; or he has sat next to you in coach on a Spirit Airlines flight in the seats right in front of the bathroom.

Sat, Mar 2, 8:30pm

Hidden Gem Hookah Bar
3929 Main Street East Chicago IN

Fri, Mar 8, 9:30pm

Gas Station Sushi Games Comedy Contest
8520 Holton Rd, Holton, MI

Sat, Mar 30, 7:30pm

The Funny Spot, Tenacity Brewing Co
119 N Grand Traverse St, Flint, MI

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